TM Pedane has given birth to a new company, TM Group srl, whose main focus is R&D, thanks to a deep knowledge of Aluminum material and welding techniques and thanks to a wide range of available extrusions.



No more classics!

The first step and the key point to create a profitable and effective business is having good and innovative ideas and products, they will be the added value to win over competitors. TM Group is mainly this: perfect ideas and innovations for new horizons and unbelievable chances!

Everybody makes it that way, they can only bargain on prices, be different!




TM GROUP is a young and dynamic company, paying much attention on recyclability and eco-friendliness. Our strength is capacibility to make a deep market analysis, considering expectations and needs, problems and eventual solutions, checking and reviewing safety reports in lab. Products are engineered and shaped for best performance in terms of effectiveness, image and cost. This process implies our constant priority is eco-sustainable growth, aiming to green-oriented smart business evolution, taking care of the environment and future for the next generations.

Our vision

Tm Group’s main goal is creating a network sinergy of partnerships, based on courage and mutual trust in a solid relationship among small operators, encouraging exchange of know-how between creative minds, oriented to fast product evolution, ensuring top performance in production and highest quality technology. This way the net will keep up with the hardest competitors in the market. Building up an efficient local network means needing less and less goods transportation for long freights, thus decreasing CO2 emissions. We aim to move and exchange ideas, much simpler, cheaper and eco-friendlier than moving huge amounts of products throughout the whole globe.


Using aluminum for our products is our green choice for a recyclable and clean material. Aluminum requires a modest quantity of energy to be recycled, this means all alu products can be endlessly re-used and recycle, having no quality and product properties losses. TM GROUP’s core business is realizing several products with a single multifunctional aluminum extrusion, shaping beautiful, handy elements, easy to move and assemble. For example, our 16.8 profile is now being used as a component for an incredibly wide range of very diffrent products, such as gates, fences, carports, facades, doors, dock equipment…

Andrea Trobbiani
Sales Manager
Alice Trobbiani
Industrial Designer
Giorgio Trobbiani
Technical manager